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Eye stye is caused by bacterial infection on the eyelid.

This infection blocks the natural growth of hair follicles around the eye making the area to become swollen.

An eye stye is not only irritating but also unsightly to look at. Rubbing your eye can cause the infection to spread and subsequently increase the levels of discomfort.

Eye stye is characterized by redness, inflammation of the eyelid, difficulty in blinking and itchy eyes.

Here are some of the eye stye home remedies that can help you treat this infection.

Eye Stye Home Remedies (1)

  • Water splash

Before embarking on any treatment procedure, it is important to keep eyes clean.

Wash the affected eye with clean water at least 5 to 6 times every day.

Splashing water on the eye is preferred because one does not have to make physical contact with the infected area and cause further spread.

  • Use a warm tea bag

Pressing a warm tea bag gently on the affected area helps to reduce the swelling.

Green tea has some antibacterial properties that can help accelerate the healing process. Drop the tea bag in boiled water and let it seep for about a minute.

Gently press them against the affected area for about five to ten minutes.

Always use separate tea bags for each eye if both eyes are affected.

  • Apply fresh garlic juice

Garlic is known worldwide for its medicinal properties and its effectiveness in treating infections.

Applying fresh garlic juice around the affected area does not only prevent the spread of the infection but also helps in the healing process.

  • Calendula flower and aloe therapies

This is done by squeezing the juice out of the aloe leaf.Eye Stye Home Remedies (2)

The juice is then diluted with water depending on the amount of aloe juice squeezed.

This should be applied at least three times every day on the affected area. Alternatively, one can put calendula flowers in a cup of boiled water and allow it to settle for 10 minutes.

This solution can then be applied on the affected area 3 to 5 times every day.

When your eye stye becomes more painful and does not clear in a few days after using the eye stye home remedies, then you should see a doctor.

Normally, a stye should heal within 5 to 7 days. However, some sties need to be professionally drained for them to be completely healed.

The doctor may also recommend the use of an antibiotic cream if the stye is taking too long to heal.